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Energy Price Risk Management Programs

Linwood Capital, LLC creates and manages customized energy price risk management programs primarily for large institutional consumers of petroleum, natural gas, and electricity on a nationwide basis. The objectives of these programs are typically to manage the financial risks associated with the consumption of petroleum, natural gas, and electricity to lower the volatility of fuel cost, to create a more certain future fuel cost, and to seek the lowest overall cost of fuel in the long-term.

In the creation of these programs, Linwood develops the client's policy and strategy that will govern and define their program and provide the framework within which thier goals and objectives will be accomplished.

In the management of these programs, Linwood applies its proprietary market and risk management models on a continuous basis to capture market opportunities and manage market risk when and as they occur. Each individual market decision is made through the lens of twenty-five years of commodity market and trading experience.

Cost Forecasting

Linwood Capital provides energy cost forecasting for public entities based on their historical costs, expectations of cost, and expectations of future cost variability.

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